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The recent litigation against the pushback of Channel migrants at sea forced the government to back down before the case even went before a judge. The legal case was tabled by the Public & Commercial Services Union and Care4Calais.

The PCS Union is based in Leeds and they are the 6th largest Trade Union group in the UK with 195,000 members. Most members are employees from government departments.

We have recently seen another case lodged against the Home Office for the proposed offshoring of asylum seekers in Rwanda. Once again it’s the PCS Union and Care4Calais who have brought the legal case. Detention actions are also listed as claimants with the Secretary of State for the Home Department listed as the defendant.

Pre-action letters have been sent to the Home Secretary by Duncan Lewis Solicitors on behalf of the PCS Union & Care4Calais. Freedom From Torture is using Leigh Day Solicitors. These two law firms are the go-to for most NGO groups. Both make millions from Human Rights cases, Immigration, detention & asylum claims out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

The PCS Union states they’re bringing this case on behalf of their workers in the Home Office, so the government are employing people in the civil service who are actively working against them. We have our own deep state in the UK and that is the faceless, unelected civil servants.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said:

“PCS is bringing this action on behalf of our members in the Home Office who will be expected to implement this policy, and on behalf of the refugees affected by it. We want to improve the working environment in which our members operate, including through the development of a humane asylum and immigration system.”

“Earlier this week, through our legal action, we forced the Home Secretary into a humiliating climbdown when she had to drop her dangerous and inhumane Pushbacks policy. We are again determined to take action to prevent our members from being placed in an untenable position.”

So we have to ask ourselves why doesn’t the government get rid of these faceless & unelected bureaucrats who continuously work against the government when it comes to clamping down on immigration?

Personally, I think it’s all pantomime and the government has no intention of clamping down on the numbers coming into this country be it legally or illegally. They’ll blame these ‘pesky’ human rights lawyers when their policies fail and the public will naively believe it instead of questioning why the government isn’t draining the civil service swamp of the enemy within.

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