Over the past four days the invasion of Britain has continued. Over 450 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat since Wednesday.  

Over the past four days the Border Force have ferried in over 450 illegal immigrants. 

There have been multiple beach landings on the French owned EDF land in Dungeness. The beaches in Dungeness seem to be the favoured beach to land on as it is vast and has an obvious landmark to head towards in the lighthouse. It is unclear as to how many dinghies land there without being intercepted or reported. 

The overwhelming majority that has arrived by boat have all been young men of 20-30 years of age. They all came from war torn France, so obviously the UK has to help them. 

There have been over 120 dinghies that have crossed the Channel this year, which kind of highlights how easy this journey is to complete. It happens daily, all assisted by the Border Force and the French navy. 

Now that the numbers are high every day the mainstream media have started popping down the port which only causes further problems in getting the truth out as they twist the facts and paint a false narrative.  

Today, 139 illegal immigrants arrived through the docks and 50 arrived at a beach landing in Dungeness. 

This year we have had 2,455 illegal immigrants arrive by boat with the figure growing every day. 

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