Over the last eight days, over 1,100 illegal immigrants have arrived into the UK. The invasion continues. 

The ever-increasing number of invaders has grown substantially over the past few weeks. In the last eight days 1,126 illegal immigrants have arrived in the UK. The majority were picked up by Border Force mid Channel and escorted back to Dover. 

Over 50 boats (dinghies) have completed the journey to the middle of the Channel to be collected by Border Force. A few have also made it to beaches on the South coast. 

There have also been numerous beach landings along the Kent coast. Dungeness is the preferred destination for many of these illegals as the lighthouse is a large and easy landmark to head towards. They have also landed in Dymchurch and a few have been caught (before landing on the beach) just off Hastings. 

The scale of illegal immigration in Dover is growing rapidly. The Border Force are understaffed and don’t have the resources to control this invasion. 

Even the RNLI are now heading out to pick up illegal immigrants mid Channel, not every day but when the Border Force are at breaking point. 

RNLI stated: 

“Our mission is to save lives at sea so we will always help those in trouble in the water – no matter who they are or where they come from. We do not judge those we are called on to rescue, their status, their motives for being on the water, or what brought them into danger.”

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The problem with that statement is, that it’s incredibly misleading. They didn’t ‘rescue’ anyone on the day they released this statement, they literally headed straight out to the middle of the Channel to collect illegal immigrants that the French escorted out of their waters. 

Last Saturday a protest was held against illegal immigration in Dover. Roughly 80 people attended and blockaded the road to gain media attention of the daily invasion occurring. 

The protest was peaceful and attended by patriots concerned about the large scale of illegal immigration happening daily, whilst it is ignored by the government and media. 

Last year 8,500 illegal immigrants arrived by boat (that we know off) and we are well on course to reach 20,000 by the end of the year. Over 4,500 illegal immigrants have already arrived in the UK this year.


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