The Right Must Reject The Illusion Of Civility

In the domain of ideas, where ideological battles are fought and opinions clash, there has long been an idealistic notion that freedom of speech and engaging in fair debate can lead to meaningful progress and understanding. However, it’s time to face the reality that these dignified intentions have proven completely ineffective when it comes to our enemies. It’s time to discard the illusory notions of civility and embark on a new path—one that entails silencing and defeating those who hate us.

Let us not mince our words or tiptoe around the issue any longer. There are people who hold a deep-seated hatred towards us, driven by an utter contempt for everything we stand for as a people, there hatred of us knows no bounds. Engaging in civil discourse with them only serves to fuel their fire, as they exploit our dedication to exchange ideas as a weakness to further their own agenda. We must recognise that we are dealing with an enemy who is impervious to reason and immune to changing their opinion. It is within this context that we must reconsider our approach.

Showing courtesy to those who hate us is a weakness. It’s the equivalent of extending a hand to a venomous snake, hoping that it will not bite you. Our enemies do not seek common ground or peaceful coexistence; rather, their objective is the complete destruction of our values, our way of life, and everything we hold dear. To entertain the idea of civil discourse with such individuals is to naively underestimate the seriousness of the threat they pose.

Therefore, the time has come to abandon the naive notion of engaging in debates and extend no courtesy to our opponents. Instead, we must confront them with unwavering determination and uncompromising force. They must be silenced, and their ideologies must be defeated. This is not a call for violence, but rather a recognition that the battle for our values can no longer be waged on the battlefield of ideas alone.

Silencing our enemies requires proactive measures. We must unite as a society, drawing strength from our shared values, to dismantle the platforms that enable their hateful rhetoric. It is through strategic deplatforming, outcasting and vigorous enforcement of accountability that we can stifle their influence and restrict their ability to spread their toxic ideology.

Defeating our enemies demands an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the values we hold dear. We must stand firm against their attempts to further infiltrate our institutions, infect our youth, and erode the foundations of our great nation.

To those who argue that our approach contradicts the principles we hold dear, I say this: the preservation of our values necessitates pragmatic action. Our enemies exploit our commitment to freedom of speech and civil discourse to sow discord and perpetuate hatred. It is only by recognising the limitations of these ideals and adapting our strategy accordingly that we can truly protect what we hold sacred.

It is time for us to shed the illusion of civility when faced with enemies who seek nothing less than our destruction. We must reject the failed notion that engaging in debates and extending courtesy will change their hearts and minds because it won’t. Instead, we must silence and defeat them with unwavering determination without compromise.

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