Trafficker Advertises Spain To Portsmouth Route On TikTok

A trafficker has been advertising an illegal immigration route from Spain to Portsmouth.

On the social media platform TikTok, a trafficker has advertised a route from Spain to Portsmouth. The route is via the back of a lorry and he offers an 85% chance of success, which is quite high for vehicle arrivals.

In one of his TikTok videos, the text translates to:

At least two to three weeks.

“Special, hurry the tsunami into Europe on November 19 is the road.”


Of course, going by the text it is clear that the next illegals to arrive will be on November 19th. He doesn’t give a price on how much he was charging per person, however, he does leave a phone number for potential customers to contact him on.

From the information I have gathered, it’s clear that this isn’t the first attempt for this trafficker and he has had experience in the route before to offer an 85% chance of success.

When I reached out to the Home Office for information on how many illegal immigrants arrived via the back of a lorry had been detected, the Home Office replied saying:

“There was approximately five thousand in-country detections between January – August 2022”

‘In country’ detections is only the figure of those that they have found or caught. Of course, it’s difficult to get a clear figure as a vehicle such as a lorry could unload illegal immigrants literally anywhere in the UK.

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