Today I will be releasing a trailer for the short video documentary I have been working on titled ‘The Invasion Of Britain’.


I recently started working on a documentary covering my journey since I started reporting on the illegal immigrants coming into Britain.

The documentary, including numbers of illegals will also reveal how their entire operation works. From leaving Northern France, arriving on the coast of England, right through to the four-star hotel accommodation provided, I am going to expose the truth about our illegal immigration problem.

I shall announce the full release date soon. 

Last year, roughly 8,500 illegal immigrants arrived and this year nearly 2,000 have arrived already. With the numbers growing rapidly, now is the time for me to offer some transparency to the general public.

Many times, the Police, Border Force and Coastguards have tried to prevent me from filming what’s happening, now I intend to show the public what they want hidden.



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