Today in Dover over 120 Illegal Immigrants were ferried in by UK border Force, they were greeted with fresh fruit, crisps, blankets and clothing.

Illegal Immigrant Dover

Border Force sent out Seeker and Hunter from Dover towards Deal area to intercept 4 dinghies.

Border Force Seeker Dover

The first boat was intercepted at 11am carrying 26 men and 10 females. The remaining were picked up mid Channel by Border Force. RNLI was also involved in the pickup of Illegal Immigrants.

Border Force Dover Illegal Immigrants

In total 100 men and 16 women and 4 children made the journey. All assisted by the UK Border Force and French authorities. They were then taken onto a hotel by Loyalty Connections coaches.

Homeless Couple Dover

Despite all this, the UK has 280,000 homeless people. Where is the help for them? An estimated 790 homeless people died last year.

Illegal Immigration Chart