Yesterday at around 6am, two illegal immigrants were arrested by the police after they climbed out of the back of a lorry. 

They tried to flee the scene but was reported by locals and the police quickly apprehended the illegal immigrants. 

The two illegal immigrants climbed out the back of the lorry on Ramsgate Road in Sandwich, Kent. 


A Kent Police officer stated: 

“Officers attended and two people were arrested on suspicion of immigration offences… Their cases have been referred to the Home Office Immigration Enforcement.” 

It is unknown if the driver of the lorry was involved in the incident. 

This incident isn’t a rare occurrence, thousands pf people have entered the UK using this method but it is almost impossible to keep a record of how many arrive in this way. 

The number that arrives by lorry will be far higher than the number of those arriving by dinghy. 

There has been over 20 reported cases of illegal immigrants sneaking out the back of lorries since February. It is unknown if those involved were apprehended as many of these incidents are not reported on.

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