This morning in Dover, between 60 – 70 illegal immigrants were ferried in by UK Border Force. All this despite Priti claiming to take a tougher stance on Illegal Immigration.

The Border Force vessel ‘Searcher’ engaged in a mid Channel handover with authorities. A French fishing boat was reported to have been suspiciously close to the handover.

Border Force

One local who didn’t wish to be named said “I was watching the ship tracker (A website that allows users to follow the movements of various vessels in the Channel) and noticed that a French fishing boat was very close to a mid Channel handover of illegal immigrants, it seemed as though it helped them cross”

In 2020 over 8,500 Illegal Immigrants have crossed the Channel via small boats and dinghies. The majority of those ferried in by UK Border Force.

The Home Office are yet to comment on official figures of today.