Unwanted Visitor Makes An Unwanted Visit


An illegal immigrant housed at Napier Barracks in Folkestone tried to invade his way into a family home on 30th December.

It’s funny how those wise old proverbial sayings make more and more sense as time goes by and this country slips further and further into oblivion.

Could it be a direct result of imposed multiculturalism and the ongoing border invasion?

“Lock up your daughters”, “give them an inch, they’ll take a mile”, and “seeing is believing” all ring so true these days.

A video has emerged of an Illegal Immigrant attempting to gain access to a family home in Folkestone. The man was housed at Napier Barracks which is only a short walk from the property.

The illegal immigrant was recorded trying to gain access to the vehicle parked out front than trying to causally invade his way into the house. Luckily, the family dog acted as a deterrent and scared him away.

Apart from the obvious security risk and personal danger, the family could have found themselves in the realisation that their hard-earned taxes are actually paying for this must cut deep. What ever happened to the notion “don’t bite the hand that feeds?”

The family reported the incident to Kent police who advised they have requested that the illegal immigrant be moved to a different site. They went on to state that they had spoken to the man in the video and warned other illegal immigrants not to try anything like that and reminding them that there is more and more CCTV going up in the area.

Based on the soft policing of these invaders I can confidently predict no further action will be taken. It will be swept under the carpet and the immigrant will be moved on further up the country to a four-star hotel. One could say he is actually being rewarded for his criminal behaviour.

I can also report that Kent police have stated that “because the man didn’t physically enter the house, they won’t be able to prosecute”. Residents were also told that forensics won’t work because it was wet outside.

I am also aware that recently there has been a sharp increase in vehicle break-ins around the Shorncliffe area. Locals report that the actual bike in the video had been stolen from the Shorncliffe area by another illegal immigrant.

28,431 illegal immigrants arrived last year (2021). 20,000 more than what arrived in 2020 and there are now more illegal Muslim men of fighting age in this country than we have to serve in the armed forces.

Priti Patel would do well to remember “actions speak louder than words”.

Napier Illegals Stage Another Protest

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