Why Did The MSM Ignore The Medical Freedom Protest?  

Many people are questioning why the mainstream media are ignoring the ‘Medical Freedom’ protest which was held in London yesterday (Saturday).

Reports from the protest claim tens of thousands of people were in attendance, which is quite shocking that the media have failed to even mention it.  

It’s irrelevant whether you agree with these protests or not, the fact an event so large can just be outright ignored by the media is worrying. If they can ignore that many people marching through London, then what else can they ignore?  

The protest was in objection to the vaccine and the ever- growing restrictions being put in place for those that are unvaccinated.  There was only one arrest made on the day of the protest, towards the end of the day.

They were also protesting in opposition to the decision of giving the vaccine to children as young as 12 without their parental consent.

The protest lasted for a fair few hours and started at Hyde Park and ended in Clapham.

The Anti Lockdown/Medical Freedom protests have been occurring for well over a year and have been some of the largest protests this nation has ever seen. One of the protests a few months back had at least a million people involved.

The overwhelming vibe of these protests is peacefull, with arrests being made few and far between.

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