Why I Report On Illegal Immigration 

For just over a year now I have been covering the illegal immigration at Dover. I’ve witnessed beach landings, the ‘illegal’ hotels, daily arrivals in Dover with the assistance of the Border Force. 

I suppose the easiest way to explain would be to go back to my first video I uploaded. It was a poor-quality video but what it showed was roughly 30 illegal immigrants being loaded onto coaches ready to be transported to hotels. 

The video was seen by over a million people on social media, this led me to believe that an awful lot of people was completely unaware that this was happening. I continued to go to Dover to cover the illegal arrivals because if it was something people weren’t aware of then I felt morally obligated to inform everyone. Most people round my area that I live are aware it’s happening, it has been going on since I was a child, so naturally I was quite surprised that the majority of the nation were unaware. 

As the weeks went by it became clear that the sheer scale of this was unfathomable, the coaches are parked up waiting long before the boats even arrive. They are then transported to a four-star hotel. But that’s all things you now know so I won’t bore you with the same old details. 

Myself and others who constantly slung out the content forced the mainstream media to report on this issue. Sure, they painted a false narrative and pushed a sob story but they reported on the invasion. To us that was a huge achievement. We forced the media to report on an issue that they were trying to sweep under the rug. 

Once the illegal arrivals were being reported on by the mainstream media, I thought that my job was done and I helped highlight the issue. How very wrong I was. I quickly realised that the media was painting the story that it was women and children fleeing war torn countries and they were very much encouraging this to happen. 

That was when I decided that I need to cover this extensively and show the nation what the media refuse to show. 

It is all young men coming over, roughly 85-90% of those that arrived were young men under 35 years of age. They are all coming over in expensive clothing, expensive boats and after talking to over 150 illegal immigrants throughout my time of covering these events I’ve found that the average price to cross the Channel in a dinghy is 3 – 4,000 euros. 

Many of the illegal immigrants I have spoken to have told me that the families usually front the money to send a young man over who can work and is fit enough to travel through Europe. Once that young man has been granted asylum (which these days is almost a guarantee) he can then apply to bring over family members. The cycle can then continue. 

Once the media started covering the illegals, the left-wing radicals then came swarming around and rather than focus on what we were covering they were more interested in writing about us, something I’ve always found very bizarre.  

After dealing with the media for some time, it’s clear what they were doing. They were making a collective attempt at discrediting our work because they see myself and others as a threat against the false narrative they have been painting. 

This only motivated me even more to expose the ever-growing invasion on the Kent coast. I have three daughters who I don’t want to grow up in a nation where they won’t feel safe, the country has changed dramatically since I was a child. Increases in crime and immigration go hand in hand.  

The majority of these people coming over are from nations who have an institutionalised hatred for Britain. These people don’t have our best interests at heart, they cheat the system and make a laughing stock of our nations generosity. We have no idea who 95% of these people are or why they have come here. 

This is why I continue to cover this extensively. The truth must be shown, no matter how ugly it may be. 

Since covering the illegal immigration, I have seen illegal immigrants attack members of the public set fire to the barracks, flee from Border Force, land on beaches, get arrested for stealing and assaults. I’ve witnessed left wing activist groups encourage illegal immigrants to cross the Channel. I won’t name them for legal reasons but I can tell you they are Kent based and ‘pro refugee’.  

Yet despite all of those incidents happening the media still twisted the narrative, take the Napier Barracks fire for example, they all reported that a fire had started at Napier Barracks, no, that’s not what happened. Illegal immigrants set fire to the place, they attacked members of staff, some of them had to barricade themselves in a room for safety. The fake mainstream media reported the events completely different even painting the picture that we should feel sorry for the very people who caused this.  

I could talk for hours on how Napier Barracks has been manipulated by the media and used as a weapon for pro refugee groups, so to keep it short, the barracks were absolutely fine, I’ve had pictures sent to me by illegal immigrants living inside Napier Barracks and the conditions were better than most bedsits the council provide. 

Another key reason I continue with this reporting day in day out is because the Home Office also lie. They lie about what happens, they lie about how many come over and they lie to the public that they are taking action. They are not.  

Illegal Immigrant Dover

The illegal immigration on the Kent coast is one of the biggest scandals our nation has seen in recent times. The people who are promoting this are also the people making an absolute fortune from the invasion of Britain. 

I’ll continue to report on these issues until I can see visible change and believe the problem has been stopped. But since we are worlds away from that moment, I’ll continue to sling out the content and write up on the events of what’s happening. 

I just hope my reports get seen by as many people as possible, so that more of the public are made aware. A large amount of the population still have no idea on the scale of which this is happening. It is a multi-billion-pound business. It is very well organised, hidden and planned. The whole operation runs like clockwork.  

To think this will end soon would be very naïve. We have an 80 seat majority Conservative government and the numbers are higher than ever. It is one of the greatest betrayals dealt upon the people of Britain. It will cost us more than just money. Every single person who enters the UK illegally is a criminal.

Since covering these events I have had my address doxed by left wing media groups, I’ve had various articles written to try and discredit me and paint a false narrative about who I am.

I’ve also been arrested and harassed by the police simply for taking photographs, I’ve had two social media accounts shut down that I used to report on illegal immigration, I’ve had death threats and even had left wing activists try and infiltrate to discredit my work. Yet despite all that, I’m not put off in the slightest and will continue to show the truth, like a few others who cover this alongside myself.

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