Yet Again Another Record Broken — Over 1000 Illegals In A Day



Yet again, another record number of illegal immigrants have crossed the English Channel yesterday.

At least 1,000 illegals arrived yesterday. The illegals were arriving at beach landings, as well as the Border Force and RNLI doing their usual pickups.

The Home Office released a figure that is far too low at 750. I don’t say this lightly, but they are lying about how many illegal immigrants have arrived. The figure they put out was wrong.

The previous record of illegals arriving in a day was 828 on 21st August.

The reason such a large influx arrived was simple, there is no deterrent and due to the weather being too rough to cross in the last week or so. Now that the weather has picked up, the arrivals will keep on coming. The same will occur today.

CC: Mandy Hutton

RNLI Lifeboat teams have been bringing groups of illegals to the UK, the Border Force had every vessel out patrolling and ferried any illegals they found towards the southern coast.

Border Force and the RNLI were extremely busy and simply couldn’t cope with the influx. The Border Force assisted by the police were still out looking for illegals at midnight after many had fled once they arrived at a beach.

One local near Lydd had to call the police and quickly hide her children inside as the illegals were hiding in a field next to her house and she was terrified. A large group of men hiding from police because they arrived illegally is not something locals should have to fear.

The police were seen searching the field. The woman reported that the police were searching for fire arms; however, those are unconfirmed reports, I’ve contacted the Home Office for an official response but so far, I haven’t received a reply.

Armed police met the illegal immigrants near the power station at Dungeness; however, there is frequently armed police on the site, so it isn’t something unusual to see in the area.

Eyewitnesses see roughly 200 – 250 illegal immigrants arrive at the Rye side of the power station. They were trying to climb fences and run. Many scattered in various directions, but the majority were thought to be stopped by officials on the scene.

A woman who works in a local shop near New Romney (I won’t name, to protect her identity) reported that some of the illegal immigrants that arrived from a beach landing were buying sim cards in the shop.

This year we’ve had over 13,500 illegal immigrants arrive by dinghy.

The big question that is always ignored is…

How many are arriving undetected?

CC Mandy Hutton

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