“It was a hotel from hell” was the experience Lynne and her daughter Jo had at a hotel in Skegness.

Recently Lynne and her daughter Jo reached out to me about their experience of staying in a hotel in Skegness that was also housing illegal immigrants.

The Grand Hotel in Skegness which is currently being used to house illegal immigrants at the taxpayer’s expense, had also opened its doors to guests. Which in my opinion, shouldn’t be happening under any circumstances.

Lynne, a 70-year-old pensioner has been visiting Skegness for short breaks all of her life so as you can expect she was very much looking forward to her weekend away with her daughter.

She booked their trip for the 26th – 28th of May and was completely unaware that the Grand Hotel was currently being used to house illegal immigrants and wasn’t pre-warned about the situation either.

She still wasn’t aware upon arrival and checked into her room. However, all night she heard banging, shouting, and the sound of people running up and down the corridors. Lynne and her daughter both tried to complain but there was no staff or security around throughout the night to deal with the situation.

The next morning they went down looking for staff to try and complain in person but had no luck.

They couldn’t book another room at short notice, despite trying, and still had a day left on their trip down from Doncaster so decided to stay for the second night. Later in the evening, they managed to spot what they said was a young man who worked there who assured them it wouldn’t happen again and the noisy people would be moved from their room.

However, on the second night, the problems continued, much the same as the previous night with people banging around, running up and down the hallways, screaming and shouting. They likened the noise to furniture being thrown around the room. Lynne’s daughter told me the occupants were all young males and they were absolutely terrified to the extent they considered phoning the police.

I asked her if it had put her off visiting Skegness again and she told me it had, which is tragic as she’s been visiting all her life, but she’s never experienced it with fear before.

“We wouldn’t want to go back to Skegness”

Hotels should not be housing guests in the same hotel as illegal immigrants. The fact they didn’t pre-warn her of the circumstances is an absolute outrage.

They emailed the hotel complaining about their stay and how awful it was. They were demanding a refund, which under these circumstances, I think they’re very much within their right to request. However, the hotel refused and only offered 5%, which shows they know they were in the wrong but refuse to pay out.

They told me in all their years of traveling, they’ve never stayed in a hotel this bad or experienced fear, in what was supposed to be comfortable surroundings.

“It was a hotel from hell”

Only a couple of weeks after their stay, a media reported that an illegal immigrant, who was staying in a Skegness hotel had appeared in court charged with rape.

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