French Accuse Patel Of Being ‘Irresponsible’ 


Home Secretary Priti Patel has been accused of ‘irresponsible’ behavior over the threat to ‘push back’ of boats attempting to cross the Channel illegally.

Patels announcement came just after 1,950 illegal immigrants arrived in 4 days, with well over 1000 in one day.

Senior French official’s have blamed the benefits and incentives Britain offers as a reason for fuelling the growing problem of illegal immigration in the English Channel.

Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais, vented in anger at the idea that the UK authorities will try attempt to push boats back to France.

In an overdramatic interview, Natacha made with her local newspaper Voix du Nord, she said:

“Are they going to shoot at the boats and at the passengers in the small boats? The British should, for the sake of humanity and to prevent any risk of dying at sea, pick up migrants who are in a hot spot on their territory.’”

Natacha Bouchard suggested that the British have always had the option of ‘sending them back alive to their country of origin.’

Xavier Bertrand, President of the regional council that covers Calais, said:

“The British government must stop being hypocritical. They welcome migrants, give them jobs, and pay them very little. As long as there is this UK attraction, there will be unfortunate people trying to get through, exploited by the criminal people smugglers.”

Despite the French kicking up a fuss, Patels pushback plan will never actually be used. It’s simply a PR stunt to appease the public, who are increasingly becoming more and more frustrated at the diabolical situation.

If Patel was serious about the pushback plan, she would allow the Border Force to ignore international and maritime law. After all, they are nothing more than guidelines.

This year, over 16,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat on roughly 580 dinghies. The numbers have grown dramatically since last year, in which 8,500 illegals arrived.

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