Jordan Bardella Calls for Action on Immigration

Jordan Bardella, the President of the National Rally party in France and a Member of the European Parliament, has shared his viewpoint on the ongoing crisis gripping France, shedding light on the problem of immigration as the major contributing factor. Bardella’s remarks resonate with those who believe that the country’s identity is at stake, calling for decisive action.

“Immigration is one of the explanations for the crisis we are experiencing. Many French people no longer recognize the country in which they grew up. We must systematically deport foreign delinquents and criminals, and we must have a moratorium on immigration”

Bardella stated that French citizens feel disconnected from the France of their upbringing, indicating a need for intervention. To address this issue, he advocates for two crucial measures. Firstly, Bardella emphasises the importance of systematically deporting foreign delinquents and criminals, suggesting that their presence exacerbates the existing crisis. Secondly, he proposes implementing a moratorium on immigration.

Many French citizens agree with Bardella and see his proposals as vital steps towards safeguarding the French identity and ensuring the well-being of its citizens. They contend that stricter immigration policies and deportations are necessary to tackle the challenges French people face, such as rising crime rates and social tensions. Most people understand the protection of national values and cultural cohesion are crucial for a unified and prosperous France.

Bardella’s stance resonates with those who seek to address the perceived crisis and restore a sense of familiarity and security in their homeland.

As the discussions surrounding immigration and its connection to the crisis continue, Bardella’s viewpoint is poised to influence public opinion and shape future policy discussions in France which can only be a good thing for France moving forward.

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